Simply put, defamation is where someone says bad things about you which are untrue. In today’s world, defamation is more often than not via social media.

If you have been defamed, you are generally entitled to monetary compensation. How much will depend on the nature of the statements made, the number of people to whom they were made to and your stature in the community. If you are a prominent public figure, you may be entitled to higher compensation.

On the other hand, unpleasant statements may not be defamatory. There may be various defences available to you should you be accused of defamation.

We are well-versed in defamation and have handled a variety of modern/high-profile cases. For example, we represented a national athlete in his much-publicised defamation claim against the Singapore Taekwondo Federation and brought the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.


1. Is it true that Facebook/TikTok comments can be defamatory?

Anything which is written and accessible can be defamatory depending on the content.

2. I only sent a message to one person. Is this also defamatory?

Depending on the content, yes. The number of people to whom a statement was published affects only the amount of compensation you may receive. Once a false statement has been published to at least one person, that statement may be defamatory.

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