We routinely act for contractors and sub-contractors in a variety of projects.

When payment is not made, companies often face cash-flow issues. However, more often than not, debtors blame their own clients or main contractors, citing a failure to receive payment themselves.

Despite their complaints, there remain several legal methods by which payment can be enforced, such as:

  1. A Security of Payment Adjudication Claim; or
  2. Commencing action in Court.

SOPA claims are often fast and effective. However, they are also complicated and highly technical. As lawyers, we draft the necessary papers and watch timelines for you in order to properly pursue such claims.

Where a debt is admitted but a client refuses to pay, a claim in Court may also be fast and effective. As seasoned construction law practitioners, we carefully assess and prepare your claim in Court to enforce it as quickly as possible, without technical mishaps.

Speed is often money in the construction industry, and we are well placed to assist.

We are also experienced in defending against charges from the Ministry of Manpower (e.g. for breaches of the Workplace Safety and Health Act). There are many factors which affect a conviction under such charges, and we are well placed to assist.

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