In Singapore, divorce is a process which takes place through the Family Justice Courts.

Divorce concerns many issues: including the breakdown of the marriage, care of the children and division of the matrimonial assets.

There are two kinds of divorce in Singapore: contested and uncontested.

Contested divorces are where parties have not agreed to all matters. These are relatively simple.

Contested divorces are where parties have not agreed on all issues. It is up to the Court to decide on which party is right or wrong. In so doing, the Court will also determine:

  1. How the marriage broke down;
  2. Who the children will stay with;
  3. Visitation rights;
  4. How the matrimonial assets will be divided; and
  5. Alimony (known as Maintenance).

We routinely handle both types of divorces. We are no stranger to complex divorces where:

  1. The matrimonial assets exceed $5 million and/or are located overseas;
  2. Assets involving company assets such as family businesses;
  3. Either parent wants care and control of the children; and/or
  4. Either parent wants to relocate to another country.

We have also successfully resisted an attempt to get a divorce.

For more information on our previous cases, please see our Case Updates section.


1. My husband/wife cheated on me. Will I get a bigger share of the matrimonial assets because of this?

Generally speaking, no. Your share of the assets is determined by the contributions you have made (whether financial or otherwise) towards the marriage.

2. Will the mother always get the child in a divorce?

Not always. The court makes orders based on the child’s best interests. If it is in the child’s best interests to reside with the father, the court will order it so.

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